Solar Design and Installation

We provide a complete solar design and installation service for grid connected PV systems, Hybrid PV systems and off grid PV systems. It doesn’t matter if you require 1kW or 100kW we will always take the time to understand your load requirements and patterns of use to ensure we design you a system that meets your needs.  With over 30 years of experience, we can provide a custom made solar panel system to produce renewable clean energy and reduce your power bill.

Solar Inverters

Consumption Study

Energy costs can have a significant effect on the profitability of a business. Having a detailed understanding of how you consume your energy can allow you to make informed decisions on adopting practices or technologies to reduce your consumption. Intilec can undertake a detailed study of your energy consumption and offer advice on energy efficiency and solutions to reduce your energy costs. Contact us on 1300 663 603 for a free quote on solar design and installation.

Consumption Study

Solar PV water heating

If you want to maximise the benefit of your existing solar PV system ask us about the Catch Power device that can divert excess power produced by your solar system to your water heater instead of sending it back to the grid for little or no return.

Grid Connected PV System

We design and install solar PV systems for your home or business. Our solar design and installations only incorporate quality components that ensure maximum system performance and are well supported by manufacturer warranties. A grid connected PV system is a very cost effective solution to reduce your power bills for your home or business. By producing and consuming your own power through the day you are reducing your energy costs and reducing the reliance on the national energy grid. This in turn is positive for the environment as it reduces the demand for electricity produced by CO2 emitting electricity generators. Of course you need to ensure you can use the power your system produces for it to work effectively for you. If a large portion of your daily energy consumption is in the evening then you could consider a Hybrid PV system.

Grid PV

Hybrid PV System

A hybrid PV system is a grid connected PV system that incorporates deep cycle batteries. This allows you to capture the power your system generates through the day for you to use at night. Our hybrid PV systems are intelligent systems that allow you to produce, store and use your power as you require. Our systems also allow you to take advantage of your electricity retailers’ time of use pricing structure. Intilec can design and install your intelligent Hybrid PV system. Our designs ensure reliable functionality and maximise your return on investment. Our Intelligent Hybrid PV systems ensure you have a continuous and reliable power supply.

My Grid

Off Grid PV System

Our off grid PV systems are extremely reliable and effective standalone power systems. If you do not have access to the grid or if the cost of connecting to the grid is too high our off grid systems can provide you with a power source to suit your needs and budget. Whether you need an off grid solution for your home or business Intilec can design and install your system. Our systems incorporate only those components that have proven reliability and are well supported by the manufacturer.

Battery Inverters

Energy Efficiency

If your business operation consumes large amounts of power, a detailed consumption study can help identify areas where energy efficiencies can be applied. Intilec can undertake a detailed consumption study for your business and offer the most effective solutions to ensure you consume energy as efficiently as possible. Through our own data logging procedure we can break down the different areas within your operations to identify those that could be targeted with efficiency solutions.

Catch Power

If your existing solar PV system is generating income through a state government feed in tariff scheme which is ending soon, then you might be considering your options. Intilec can offer a number of options one of which is Catch Power. This device will divert your surplus energy from your solar PV system directly to your water heater. Catch power devices use an adaptive algorithm to ensure optimum use of the generated solar. The cloud based servers take the data received from Catch and combine it with weather forecasts. The combined data is used to optimise the use of your solar.

Catch Power
catch power

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